Halo 5 Pro Series – Best Halo Tournament Ever

Halo Championship Series has announced an extension of its Pro Series, introducing a competitive branch with Halo 5 – Guardians.

The Halo 5 Pro Series, an online competition format, will feature a total of $63,000 in cash prizes across North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Australia & New Zealand.


featured Halo 5 Pro Series Best Halo Tournament Ever Dates - Halo 5 Pro Series - Best Halo Tournament Ever

From September 26th to December 12th, HCS will organize open and professional tournaments every week. They will be broadcast via Twitch and YouTube.

The MCC Pro Series will continue with Halo titles. Master Chief Collection, with Halo 3. The MCC Pro Series open tournament prizes will range from $500 to $1,000 each week.

The Halo 5 Pro Series and the MCC Pro Series will be available to play only through FACEIT.

To participate, you can enter this competitive game platform and register.

Interesting Facts

featured Halo 5 Pro Series Best Halo Tournament Ever Interesting Facts - Halo 5 Pro Series - Best Halo Tournament Ever

Last February, HCS revealed that Esports Engine would take over the next global franchise titles from Microsft, Halo Infinite. Although the launch would be by 2020, unfortunately, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic we are going through, the title was delayed until 2021.

The Pro Series is destined to fill a huge programming gap in Halo eSports. They have announced that since the change in launch date, they have been working as fast as possible to provide some competition for their players. This, for them, to keep busy and hone their skills until HCS returns for Halo Infinite.

Personally, there is no doubt that they are working hard to give us the best Halo title we can see.

Even though this year has been really difficult for everyone and has hit all sectors of entertainment, eSports has done everything to continue celebrating.

Now we just have to keep the energy and support all the great companies that are giving their best to bring us quality events and enjoy them no matter where in the world we are.