eGaming Betting for Newcomers – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Although it may seem difficult, once you understand what the video game is about it’s very easy to make bets.

There are different types of bets. Some of the most popular options are the ones you will read about below.

Real Money Betting

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This is the way to bet more like traditional sports betting. They work the same way as soccer, golf, or boxing bets. You simply bet real money on the agreed odds. If your selections are correct, you win.

It’s possible to bet on all kinds of results. You can bet on the winners of individual matches and the overall winners of tournaments.

Skin Betting

They are also known as item bets. Video games have virtual currencies and some items that can be transferred between players. This is why this is one of the most popular bets. There are many auction sites and stores for players to buy, sell, or exchange items and coins for video games.

On some betting sites, you can use these items and coins to play.

Social Betting

These types of bets are made on the outcome of the events. They can be for real money but are usually for furs or other items. Everything is agreed upon by both parties and resolved accordingly. Remember that betting with people you barely know on the internet is a bit risky.

Fantasy Betting

Here we build our lists using sports players. It’s like every day fantasy sports for traditional sports.

Challenge Betting

Gamblers compete with each other for real money, skins, or items. Some players organize the bets among themselves and when the bet is over, they settle. Some websites organize these bets and players pay entry fees to participate. The winner gets the proceeds of the fees.

Tips, Tricks & Strategies


Remember that understanding probabilities is fundamental. Odds are closely linked to the probability of a bet winning.

Value is something very important to consider when deciding what type of bet to make.

Finding Value

Finding value is the only realistic way to make money. If you don’t bet on value, the chances of success are zero.

The success of the bets consists of choosing as many winners as possible. Try to get the odds that are in your favour. This way, you can lower your money when you have a positive expectation.

Remember to always understand the concept of value.

Keep a Record

It is very important to keep track of how much you win or lose. That way, things won’t get out of control and you won’t spend more than you can. Keeping track of the results helps you analyse your performance. You will be able to identify what is working and what is not.

Before betting, remember to know whom you are betting with very well. Don’t get involved in challenge bets if you are not a great player yourself.