The Johnsons

Maurice Johnson (ii) also known as The Antiquary, was born in Spalding on 9th June 1688. The son of Maurice and Jane Johnson who had married in Spalding in 1683.

Maurice married Elizabeth Ambler on 5th January 1709. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Ambler and Mary Oldfield, and was born in Kirton, Lincolnshire on 4th September 1690. Maurice was a Barrister at Law, and deputy recorder of Stamford. He died in 1755.

What began, in 1710, with local gentlemen meeting at Youngers, a Spalding coffee house, to talk about antiques and read the newly published periodical “The Tatler” , by 1712, became the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society with Maurice Johnson (ii) as the founder. The aim of the Gentlemen’s society being to “support mutual benevolence and their improvement in the liberal sciences and in polite learning”. Twenty years later, a sister society was set up in Peterborough, where Maurice Johnson became an honorary member, communicating notes of interest, between the two societies. Notable members of the Spalding Gentlemen’s society were Sir Isaac Newton, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Alexander Pope and Sir Joseph Banks.

Maurice and Elizabeth had twenty six children. Their first child, Maurice Johnson (iii) was born on 14th March 1714 in Spalding. He became a Lt Col in the First Regiment of Foot Guards, serving at the battles of Dettington in 1743 and Culloden in 1746. He married his first wife, Elizabeth Bellamy, in late December 1749. Elizabeth was the daughter of Sir Edward Bellamy of Stanway Hall, Essex, who had been Lord Mayor of London in 1734. Elizabeth died in 1752 and Maurice (iii) married again, this time, Mary Baker, in 1755, in Spalding. They had three children. Lt Col Maurice Johnson (iii) died in 1793.

Maurice and Mary’s first born son was again called Maurice (iv), born on 28th May 1756 at Stanway Hall. He followed his father into the same Regiment, but sold his commission to become a Vicar, and was appointed Vicar of Moulton aged 25, and minister of Spalding, age 32. He was also a Justice of the Peace, Chairman of South Holland Quarter sessions, Prebendary of Lincoln and Deputy Lieutenant of the county. He married Anne Elizabeth Buckworth in 1799 in Spalding. Her father was Theophilus Buckworth of Clay Hall, Spalding, high sheriff of Lincolnshire. They had four children. The first born son, Walter, died in infancy, and their second son Maurice (v) became heir. The family had amassed a fortune through the enclosure and drainage of the Fens. Rev Maurice Johnson D.D. (iv) died 25th June 1834 after becoming Lord of the Manor of Spalding in 1832.

Maurice Johnson (v) was born at Ayscoughfee Hall on 29th March 1788. He attended St John’s college, Cambridge gaining a M.A. and like his father, went into the Ministry, He became the vicar of Moulton. He married Frances Post on 18th July 1814 in Hickling, Nottinghamshire. She was the daughter of Beale Post, of Beddows Place, Maidstone, Kent. Frances died soon after giving birth to their only son, Maurice (vi) in 1815. Rev Maurice Johnson (v) died five years later in 1820, and was buried in Spalding church.

Maurice Johnson (vi) was born 24th June 1815 at Moulton, Lincolnshire. He entered St John’s college Cambridge in 1834 , gaining an B.A, in 1838 and M.A. in 1841. On 26th August 1841, he married Elizabeth Mills, daughter of Rev Thomas Mills, MA. Minor canon of Peterborough. Their daughter Elizabeth Ann was born in Spalding in 1842. Elizabeth died two years later, and Maurice then married Isabella Mary Swan in August 1848. Daughter of Robert Swan, Registrar of Lincoln. Isabella had nine sisters. Maurice and Isabella had four daughters. Mary Isabella in 1849 and Frances Alethea in 1850. Frances died aged two months. On the 1851 census, Maurice and Isabella, with daughter Mary Isabella are shown at Ayscoughfee Hall with ten servants. Maurice bought Blundeston Lodge, in the village of Blundeston, near the coastal resort of Lowestoft. Edith was born in Yorkshire and their youngest daughter, Frances Maud, was born in Redgrave Suffolk in 1856. The 1861 census shows Maurice, Isabella and Maurices five daughters in Benacre, Suffolk, with eleven servants. Maurice Johnson (vi) died at Blundeston on 8th October 1864. Isabella lived on at Blundeston, dieing there in 1905.

Jane Johnson, daughter of Maurice Johnson (ii) and Elizabeth Ambler was born in Spalding in 1711. She married Dr John Green of Spalding on 25th January 1735, and died in 1754. Four known children. John Maurice in 1736, Charles in 1738, Jane Maria in 1739 and Mary Elizabeth in 1743.

Katherine Johnson, daughter of Maurice Johnson (ii) and Elizabeth Ambler was born in Spalding in 1713. She married Rev John Lodge, the Vicar of Moulton in Moulton 2nd May 1759. She was last surviving child of Maurice and Elizabeth, dieing in 1795 in Stayton, CoDurham.

Walter Johnson was born 5th July 1720, the second son of Maurice Johnson (ii) and Elizabeth Ambler. He married Mary Fairfax on 29th May 1752 in Spalding. They had one son, Fairfax Johnson, born in Spalding 25th May 1753. Walter was a Barrister and lived at Gayton House, ChurchGate, Spalding. He died in 1779.

Fairfax Johnson, the only son of Walter Johnson and Mary Fairfax. Born in 1753, he married his cousin Anne Johnson, sister of Maurice Johnson (iv) and on his death in 1818, left his estate to his brother in law/cousin, Rev Walter Johnson.

John Johnson, son of Maurice Johnson (ii) and Elizabeth Ambler was born in Spalding on 5th April 1722. He was a clerk in Holy orders and Vicar of Spalding and Moulton,

He did not marry and died in 1758.

Walter Maurice Johnson, son of Lt Col Maurice Johnson (iv) and Mary Baker was born in Spalding on 19th Dec 1757. He married Frances Poley of Boxted Hall, Suffolk, daughter of George Weller Poley and Frances Hussey. Walter Maurice was the Vicar of Weston, Lincolnshire. He died in 1832, leaving £40 in an annuity for poor parishioners. They had a son William Johnson who became Vicar of Bilsby. He died 15th December 1815. Walter and Frances’s daughters Elizabeth (1793 – 1872) and Mary (1794 – 1878) did not marry, and on their deaths, left the bequest for building the original Johnson Hospital.

Anne Johnson daughter of Lt Col Maurice Johnson (iii) and Mary Baker was born in Spalding on 11th September 1762. She married Fairfax Johnson and had no known children.

Theophilus Fairfax Johnson was the second son of Rev Maurice Johnson D.D. (iv) and Ann Elizabeth Buckworth. Born at Ayscoughfee Hall, Spalding and christened in 1790. He married Millicent Ann Moore on 16th July 1821 at St Lukes, Chelsea. The daughter of Stephen Roger Moore (1769 – 1841) a Solicitor of Sloane Street, Chelsea. Millicent was christened in Holburn. They lived at Holland House in Spalding, where Theophilus Fairfax made quite a few alterations and additions, also building a mausoleum in the grounds. The family coffins were laid out there, but none were buried there. He was a J.P. and High Sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1847. Theophilus Fairfax died in 1853. His wife, Millicent lived on at Holland House, with her son and his family, until her death in 1881. She loved music, and was a patron of music in Spalding. She was buried in Weston, with the musicians who she had employed to play her to sleep, and many mourners, attending the ceremony.

Theophilus Maurice Stephen Johnson, was born on 30th december 1826 at Ascoughfee Hall, Spalding. The son of Theophilus Fairfax and Millicent Ann Moore. In 1841 he is listed with his parents, in High Street, Spalding. In 1849, he married Caroline Rigge at Holy Trinity in Chelsea. The marriage certificate shows Theophilus as living in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and his cousin Caroline Marsden as a witness. Caroline was born in Durham, the daughter of Gray Rigge of Wood Broughton House, Cartmel, Cumberland, and Sarah Moore. On the census of 1851, 1861 and 1871, Theophilus lists himself as a landowner, landed proprietor and fund holder, at High Street, Spalding, with his mother, Caroline, various relations, and a dozen servants. Caroline died in 1871, and Theophilus married again. This time in Westminster in 1873, his new wife, Emily Williams, a widow. On the 1881 census it shows Theophilus and Emily at Holland House, with his mother, and Emily’s son Cuthbert Brickwood Williams, age 25, born in New York, America. There is also a nephew George C Vaux, age 19 and born in India, and thirteen servants. The same year, Emilys son Cuthbert married Muriel Calthrop Bonnell in Spalding. In 1891 Theophilus and Emily are at Eversleigh, Frant, Tunbridge Wells. . With them is niece Alice E Vaux, born in India. They have ten servants. Theophilus died at Eversleigh on 11th December 1892. Emily went to live her son and his wife Muriel after Theophilus died, but her son died in 1897, so the two widows are together in Kensington with Muriels son, 10 year old Eric Cuthbert Theophilus Bonnell Williams on the 1901 census. Eric Cuthbert was a major in the Suffolk regiment and married Enid Silverthorne Brown in Hampstead, 2nd June 1917. Eric Cuthbert Williams died in 1927. Emily died in St Leonards on Sea on 19th April 1906.

Ann Elizabeth Johnson, daughter of Maurice Johnson D.D. (iv) and Ann Elizabeth Buckworth, born in Spalding on 3rd September 1785. She married William Moore on 11th June 1807 in Spalding. William was from Stockwell, London, and was the Perpetual curate of Spalding. The family lived at the Parsonage in Church Street, Spalding. Ann Elizabeth died in 1854 and William died in Spalding in 1866.

Their son Edward was born on 24th may 1811 in Spalding. He followed his father into the church, and in 1841 he was a clergyman in Whaplode. He had married Elizabeth Sarah Stephenson at St James, Westminster on 11th October 1837. She was from Terrington St Johns, Norfolk. For the next forty years, Edward and Elizabeth lived in Church Street, Spalding. Edward was the Vicar of Weston, St Marys, and Vicar of Spalding, Prebendary of Lincoln and chairman of the Quarter Sessions. Edward and Elizabeth both died in Spalding in 1889. They did not have any children.

Caroline, daughter of Ann Johnson and William Moore D.D was born 28th July 1813, and married John Howard Marsden on 7th May 1840, both in Spalding. He was born in Blackrod, Wigan, Lancashire on 7th May 1803. The son of Rev William Marsden of Eccles and Sarah Howard. John attended Manchester grammar school and St Johns College, Cambridge, graduating in 1826.

In 1840, John became Rector of Great Oakley, Essex. Their three sons, William , Maurice Howard, and Reginald Godfrey were all born in Great Oakley. In 1851 John was elected the first Disney Professor of Archaeology at Cambridge University. He held the post until 1865. John was Reverend of Great Oakley until 1889. He was also the Rural Dean of Harwich, Canon Residentiary of Manchester, Rural Dean of Eccles, and Chaplain to the first Bishop of Manchester, as well as writing various Religious, antiquarian and archaeological papers. Some of which are still available to purchase. John died at his home, Grey Friars, Colchester, on 24th January 1891. Caroline died in Brighton on 14th June 1883.

William Howard Marsden, son of Caroline Johnson and John Howard Marsden. Born in Great Oakley, Essex on 29th July 1841. He attended Rossall School in Lancashire and St Johns College Cambridge, where he rowed in the College 8. On graduating with a BA and MA, Maurice joined the Army where he became a Lt Col. He married Katherine Murray in 1873. They had three children. William died in 1925.

Maurice Howard Marsden, son of Caroline Johnson and John Howard Marsden. Born in Great Oakley, Essex on 21st November 1843. He attended Rugby School before entering St Johns College Cambridge. Maurice became Vicar of Spalding in 1889, a post he held for 10 years. He had previously been an assistant master at Marlborough College, and Vicar at various churches in the Manchester area. He married Frances Maria Simpson in 1873, daughter of Rev S Simpson of Lanchester. They had four children. After they left Spalding, Maurice became the Vicar of Moreton, near Dorchester. He died there on 4th September 1920. His daughter, Winifred, was later to became the first lady Mayor of Dorchester.

Reginald Godfrey Howard, born 15th September 1845 at Great Oakley, son of Caroline Johnson and John Howard Marsden. Reginald attended Eton before entering Merton College, Oxford, where he was a rowing blue. Reginald was called to the Bar in 1872. For a time he was a Magistrate in Jamaica, before returning to marry Edrica Jane Cowling in London, 1874. They had three children. Reginald was the author of several books concerning the rules and customs of the Sea. He died in Kensington, London on 11th My 1926.