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The first recorded Spalding name was Ralph de Spalding, 1273. Judge Charles Warren Spalding, author of “The Spalding Memorial,” obtained a copy of an ancient deed naming him. When Edward III in 1327 ordered a wool merchant to be elected to Parliament for York, William de Spalding, son of Richard de Spalding, was elected for the borough or county. The Parliament of 1376 held at Westminster held both a William and John Spalding.

In later centuries, Spaldings went north into Scotland and west into central England, moving into both Suffolk and Norfolk. They settled around Bury St. Edmunds, Framlingham, and in the valley of the Waveney River.

The first recorded Spalding in the American colonies was Edward Spalding, his wife, son and daughter. They were living at Elizabeth City, Virginia, in Feb 1623. Edward and his family left Jamestown Virginia and sailed to New England where they became the progenitors of the large New England Spalding family.

The text on this page is taken from an essay by Pat Doster.

William Spalding of Westham near London settled in Massachusetts with his friend Thomas Harvard, also from London, about 1630. Many descending surnames, and location names in the USA derive from this source.

Spalding is the 4,016th most popular surname in the United States

A huge genealogical database about the name in the USA exists

SPALDING, Albert Goodwill(1850-1915), American professional baseball player and manufacturer of sporting goods, born in Byron, Ill. From 1871 to 1875 he was the star pitcher for the Boston team of the National Association of Professional Baseball Players, the first major league. Spalding joined the Chicago team of the National League as a pitcher and manager in 1876, the first year of the existence of the league. He won 46 games and lost 12 that year. He retired in 1877 and subsequently served as secretary (1878-81) and president (1882-91) of the Chicago team. During this period he established the firm of A. G. Spalding & Bros., manufacturers and distributors of sporting goods. Spalding was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939. See

John Henry (Doc) Holliday. Born on August 14, 1851 and baptized on March 21, 1852
in the Presbyterian Church of Griffin, Spalding, Georgia

Spalding, Idaho

Spalding, Michigan

Spalding, Missouri

Spalding, Nebraska

Spalding, New Mexico

Spalding, Saskatchewan

The Maryland Spalding family who settled in the American Colonies c1657 who came from the Lincolnshire area.

“Gen-Link” which gives Thomas Spalding lineage down to the present generation.

Spalding, South Founded by William Edward Lunn in 1875-76 It is likely that the town was named after Spalding in Lincolnshire which happened to be the birthplace of William Lunn.

Spalding Primary School, South Australia

Genealogy of the Thomas Kevin Spalding & Allied Families.

Here’s a brief synopsis of research by David Spalding from Belle Plaine, Minnesota.

I have tracked my family to John Spalding I from Farnham, born ca 1450-1520 – married to Ann ?.

Next descendant: John Spalding II ca 1480-1535 – married to Anne ? born ca 1490.

Next descendant: Thomas Spalding ca 1520-1573 – married Agnes ? born ca 1520.

More descendants: Augustine Spalding 1560-1626 (Elizabeth ? – 1560-1626),

John Spalding 1590-1659(Margaret Sheircliff – ?),

Thomas Ford Spalding 1640-1713 Suffolk County (Katherine Hall 1651-1710 Dijon, France?) – Thomas came to Maryland ca 1658, they were wed ca 1674.

I’m looking for more info on my above listed ancestors as well as info that can take me further back into my family’s history. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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